Gunn and Moore Chroma DXM Signature Cricket Bat
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Gunn and Moore Chroma DXM Signature Cricket Bat


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+ Seasoned unbleached Grade 2 English Willow
+ Minor blemishes, may have some colour to one edge
+ Fitted with good quality treble spring cane handle
+ GM NOW! & ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard

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Gunn and Moore Chroma DXM Signature Cricket Bat

With a full profile and distinctive bow, the Chroma is a bat ready to face any situation at the crease.

The spine sweeps through the swell, tapering into the toe region to enhance the pick-up of the L555 blade, hitting the sweet spot between balance and power. With a mid-swell position and considerable edge size, the Chroma offers equal value for your strokes whether you’re driving on the front foot or cross-batting off the back foot. The Chroma comes complete with striking iridescent labels, which move through a full spectrum of colour to match your full range of strokes.

The Chroma has also been complimented with the brand-new Pro-Lite Grip in Chroma Black/Silver colour detail; the lightest grip GM have ever made, striking the balance between feel and grip.

Made in England from Prime English Willow, and available in a range of grades and sizes.


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