Gunn and Moore Hypa DXM 404 Junior Cricket Bat


Willow Grade : G3
Toe Guard : YES
Face : Clear Antiscuff
Origin: Made in Nottingham England.
Pre Prepared : YES
Knocked in : PART
Ready to Play : NO
Sizes 6 & Harrow

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Gunn and Moore Hypa DXM 404 Junior Cricket Bat

Seasoned bleached Grade 3 English Willow.

You’ll be sure to look twice at the Hypa L555 DXM. The dynamic label design and pro-like blade shape are a perfect pair. The familiar GM Powerarc bow with low swell and full back profile all complement each other to create a bat shape suited to most styles of play. Whether driving through the covers or playing square off the back foot, the Hypa will fire shots all round the wicket.

Gunn and Moore are proud to be still making great bats in Nottingham England


Gunn & Moore

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