Gunn and Moore Prima DXM 404 Cricket Bat

Gunn and Moore Prima DXM 404 Cricket Bat


+ Seasoned bleached Grade 3 English Willow
+ Knot marks with some stain/speck
+ Fitted with treble spring cane handle
+ GM NOW! & ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard

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Gunn and Moore Prima DXM 404 Cricket Bat

Featuring the lowest swell position in the GM range, the Prima L540 DXM is designed to maximise value for shots off the front foot. The low swell position and meaty toe are balanced with a shortened blade length and concavity through the back of the profile to ensure an excellent pick-up is maintained despite the powerful profile. Accentuated with a distinct bow and substantial edges along the length of the bat, this powerful profile packs a punch.

The Prima features a white Pro-Lite grip, which is GM’s lightest ever grip and ensures a balance between grip and feel.

Made in England from Prime English Willow.


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