Aero P2 Cricket Strippers


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The p2 v5 offers foam moulding techniques and thick straps for optimal comfort and improved levels of protection. Other features include hip and buttock protection and a large rear thigh pad. Integrated design allows natural movement and mobility.

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Aero P2 Cricket Strippers

Sets the standard and is the acknowledged leader in lower body protection for Cricket players. These cricket strippers Protect front and back thighs, hip and buttock. New model has re-worked hip and buttock protection, and a larger, better positioned rear thigh pad. 3D moulded always stays in place. The waistband has two fitting options that enable great fit. Integrated design allows natural movement and mobility. Easy to use and washable. Bullet proof protection.

P2 Cricket products are designed to give you confidence that when you take your guard, you can forget about your protection and set about dominating the bowlers. If you want superb protection and the confidence to be able to take on the best bowlers in your game, Aero P2 products are the equipment for you.

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