Gray Nicolls GN400 GEM Cricket Batting Gloves

Gray Nicolls GN400 GEM Cricket Batting Gloves


Specially adapted size for female cricketer.

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Gray Nicolls GN400 GEM Cricket Batting Gloves
Club cricketers around the world have a go-to glove thanks to the GN400 GEM batting gloves. Designed with comfort, performance and style in mind these excellent batting gloves are also fantastic value.

The batting gloves are multi-sectioned, which is the style favoured by the modern professional players as it offers improved flexibility – so important in the modern game.

Use of high-density foam throughout the glove gives great protection but also makes these gloves as light as possible. Meanwhile our soft feel vapour foam ensures supreme levels of comfort for the wearer.

Protection-wise these gloves won’t let you down in club cricket, with an EVA Shielding bar on the side to help prevent any balls that get a bit big from causing major impact.

Playing Level: Club.
Features: Lightweight multi-sectioned design featuring pre curved High density foam section with layer of soft fill vapour foam.
Protection Features: Duo-Layer – High Density foam Sections with layer of soft feel vapour foam for comfort.
Side Bar Protection: Three sectioned EVA Shielding bar.
Materials: Mid Grade PU, leather palm, double sided sweat band.
Protection: 3 Star



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