Osaka Vision LTD Proto Bow Hockey Stick


85% Carbon
10% Fibre glass
5% Kevlar reinforce

More Information

The Osaka Vision LTD Proto Bow in Silver-Red is the ultimate specialist Hockey stick, shaped to maximize the potential of FIH specifications. The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the head with a maximal height of 24mm, like the low bow. Its combination with a very aggressive, slimmed-down profile ensures incredible speed and control. It is designed for the drag-flicking elite hockey player looking for low bow characteristics
and ultimate control.
The Osaka Vision Limited range uses 18K Textreme® biaxial spread-tow carbon fabric. This reduces crimp, which means that spread tow fabrics can provide marginal stiffness advantages, it also results in a very unique-looking bolder carbon fiber weave pattern.





Hockey Stick Length


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