TK Black Elephants Blue Hockey Stick


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Shape: Control Bow
Technology: 3K Japanese Carbon
Composition: 30% Carbon, 60% Glassfibre, 10% Aramid
Colour: Black
Balance Point: 40cm ±1cm
Weight: 510g ±10g
Size: 36.5″ & 37.5″

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TK Black Elephants Blue Hockey Stick
The talk of the clubhouse is back, and it’s better than ever! Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring return of our legendary Black Elephants model that will leave you speechless.
Experience an unparalleled touch that surpasses all expectations, thanks to a ground-breaking blend of cutting-edge materials and innovative construction techniques. But that’s not all – prepare to be captivated by the strikingly rich and exclusive graphics that will make this stick the undisputed superstar of the pitch. And when you combine all of this with our game-changing CONTROL BOW, you get nothing short of perfection – the ultimate stick crafted for the elite-level all-rounder.

Get ready to steal the spotlight and make a lasting impression on the field with the mesmerising Black Elephants. The game will never be the same again!





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