ED Sports Guide to Buying a Cricket Ball


Mens 5 1\2 oz
Womens 5oz
Youths 4 3\4 oz

When you’re buying cricket balls, the first factor that needs to be considered is what they’re going to be used for; league matches, recreational cricket or training.

Reaction Ball – Ideal for reflex catching practice and to test and improve your hand/eye coordination.
Windballs – The original and best coaching and general practice ball with soft plastic construction
Wobble Balls – Ideal for catching and batting practice against the swinging ball
Indoor Cricket Balls – used for practice and training
Supaball Practice Ball – Coaching cricket ball with stitched seam and durable PVC outer. Excellent bounce and durability characteristics.
Incrediball – ideal ball for Practicing and Training, it features a traditional red colour with a white stitched seam and is used in clubs around the country.
Training Cricket Ball – Leather cricket ball of traditional construction. Ideal for practice and nets.
Match Cricket Balls – Grade A Leather Cricket Ball used for playing matches.

You can buy cricket balls with various different designs, although the main colours are red, white and pink for almost all disciplines of cricket.

The price of cricket balls is determined on their quality, build and usage, with training balls available for around €5, and International match balls ranging up to around €65.

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