The key aspects to selecting the perfect wicket keeping gloves are: comfort, grip and protection.

As with many products, the actual size and fitting of Cricket wicket Keeping Gloves can vary dramatically between brands, so we have compiled this table based on information from a number of different brands to provide you with an industry average guide to cricket wicket keeping gloves sizes.

Please ensure you measure from the start of the wrist to the end of your longest finger.

Hand Length (mm) Wicket Keeping Glove Size
165 Small Boys
175 Boys
190 Youths
200 Small Mens
210 Mens
225 Large/Oversize Mens

As you go up through the wicket keeping glove ranges, you will notice the introduction of softer and more flexible materials, which constitutes a considerable amount of the comfort of the glove. You will also see the introduction of features and materials, such as gels and high density foams that offer better protection from the higher speed impacts. Finally you may also see features designed to increase ventilation and make long term use more comfortable.

Inners – Unlike with cricket batting gloves where inner gloves are very much a personal choice, inner gloves are very much a necessity with wicket keeping gloves. This choice more often than not comes down to what type of inners is preferred, rather than to wear inners or not. Wearing wicket keeping gloves inevitably means you will get hot, sweaty hands; which is where wicket keeping inners step in. Wicket Keeping Glove inners will form the first barrier between your hands and your wicket keeping gloves, offering moisture wicking, additional shock absorption, and a more snug fit.

The choice of inners is as follows;

  • Cotton Inners – Simple cotton gloves which offer improved moisture control and fit.
  • Cotton Padded Inners – Simple Cotton gloves with additional padded sections on the palm and fingers for improved moisture control, fit and extra shock absorption.

  • Chamois Inners – Gloves featuring Chamois leather on the palm of the hand due to its fantastic moisture absorbency therefore offering maximum moisture control and fit.

  • Chamois Padded Inners – Gloves featuring Chamois leather on the palm of the hand due to its fantastic moisture absorbency as well as additional padded sections, therefore offering maximum shock absorption, moisture control and fit.