Cricket Batting Gloves are crucial to providing batsmen with sufficient protection to prevent injury and inspire confidence.

In most cases, simple raw cotton fibres are stuffed into sausage-like sections which are connected to the back of finger and hand sections of a leather or synthetic substitute glove. At the lower end of most ranges Cricket Batting Gloves do not appear much different to those used decades ago. It is only as we start to move up through the price ranges that we start to see some modern technology being added.

Please note that the most basic protection levels offered by some cricket batting gloves are only really appropriate for junior cricket and should generally not be used by senior club players or high level school players.

Side Bars – Some cricket batting gloves from the mid-range upwards often feature the addition of side bar padding which offers additional protection to the index finger of the bottom hand in order to provide extra protection to the side of the leading hand from awkwardly bouncing balls.

High Density Foam – Although raw cotton has proved more than adequate as the primary padding in cricket batting gloves for a long time, modern high density foams offer even better impact absorption as well as a notable reduction in weight. As you progress through most ranges of cricket batting gloves, you would expect to see greater use of HD foam inserts to a point where the raw cotton may be replaced entirely.

Inserts & Finger Casings – As ball pace increases many batsmen find that raw cotton or HD foam padding is no longer sufficient to protect your hands. At this stage many manufacturers start to incorporate stiffer materials such as strong plastics as inserts which help to spread the impact over a greater area of padding and therefore offer better protection

Comfort levels are kept under control by ensuring that there is sufficient air flow(ventilation) throughout the batting gloves. As you go up through the ranges you will start to notice more and more features designed to maximise airflow including perforated palms and the use of mesh materials in low-wear areas. In addition some top level gloves will also feature double sided towelling wrist closures to minimise any moisture dripping down the arm into the gloves.

Sizing – As with many products, the actual size and fitting of cricket batting gloves can vary dramatically between brands and it is highly unlikely that any guide will ever prove more successful than simply trying the gloves on yourself. Our expert staff are happy to assist you in-store or if you can’t make it in please give us a call 016677300

Please ensure you measure from the start of the wrist to the end of your longest finger, as indicated in the diagram.

Hand Length (mm) Batting Glove Size
165 Small Boys
175 Boys
190 Youths
200 Small Mens
210 Mens
225 Large/Oversize Mens

Maintenance – ensure that your cricket gloves are left to dry naturally immediately after use in a warm dry environment. Try and avoid leaving the gloves in your cricket bag or in other cold wet places, as the leather and other materials used can become damaged or affected by mould.