Cricket Bat Covers – come as a half bat cover and a full length Bat cover. Most come with carry straps.

Cricket Bat & Kit Bags – Most cricket bags feature wheels at one end which allow you to wheel the bag along the floor rather than carry the cricket bags full weight. All Cricket bags will come with carry straps

Cricket bags come with a waterproof base and some offer a variety of different specialised internal and external compartments designed to help your organise your equipment;

  • Wet/Dry section
  • Valuables pocket

  • Shoe compartment

  • Helmet compartment

  • Quick access pocket

In the vast majority of cases the bat compartment is positioned externally for easy access, but in some cases the bat compartment is integrated into the interior of the cricket bag to offer maximum protection.

Cricket Duffle bags are becoming increasingly popular. The come in a variety of sizes with many having specific compartments to carry all your cricket equipment so that you can store and find things easily, no longer do you just throw everything into one main compartment. They have side pockets, helmet and shoe compartments, interior bat sections, valuables pockets and water bottle and mobile phone holders.

When selecting a cricket bag, the majority of buyers will simply consider how much kit they’ve got to transport, how much money they have to spend and possibly any particular brand allegiance they may have. We recommend that you carefully read the product descriptions and take a close up look at the product before making a purchase. All our cricket bags are on display at our specialist cricket shop so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.