Cricket wicket keeping pads are an essential component of any wicket keeper’s protective equipment.


As with many products, the actual size and fitting of cricket wicket keeping pads can vary between brands. This table is based on information from a number of different brands to provide you with an industry average guide to cricket wicket keeping pad sizes.

Please ensure you measure from the top of your foot’s instep arch to the middle of the knee. Ultimately, when the pad is rested on the top of the foot, the knee roll should always be positioned over the knee.

Leg Length (cm) Wicket Keeping Pads Size
30-32 Small Boys
32-35 Boys
36-38 Youths
39-41 Small Mens
41-43 Mens
44-48 Large Mens

Like most protection products, as you go up through the cricket wicket keeping pad ranges and note the increase in price, you’ll be asking so what am I getting for my money?. In this case, as you spend more you will see some increase in protection to cope with the higher balls speeds, but in most cases what you will see is a weight reduction and increased comfort levels. Weight reductions will be achieved through the introduction of HD foam padding and other modern materials, while comfort levels will be increased by using wide straps, improved ventilation and the use of softer materials.

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