Fusion Skyer 2.0 Training Bat

Fusion Skyer 2.0 Training Bat


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Fusion Skyer 2.0 Training Bat

The FUSION SKYER was the original and best coaches’ bat on the market. Designed to give you the ability to hit the ball much higher and further than a normal cricket bat, with EASE and reducing the risk of fatigue or injury.

Light, resilient and with crazy rebound speed the Skyer Hyperface is going to insure that every ball can be hit further, faster and with less effort than ever before.
On top of the HyperFace we have also introduced a number of other improvements. The main feature of which is the increased hitting area which has been widened by 1 cm. This may not seem much but it makes a difference and will give every user confidence and ease of use.
Despite the larger hitting area because of the lightness of the HyperFace the Skyer 2.0 and Max are lighter than their predecessors.

We have also replaced the rubber grip with a tennis/hockey style grip which eliminates the problem of grips riding up the handle which was a massive bugbear of ours and probably every coach that ever lived.

UNIQUE – Every Skyer in the HyperFace range is handmade and assembled in the UK by Skyer founder James Cornford. As a stamp of quality each is signed and given a unique number.

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