OBO ABS Hockey Goalkeeping Helmet – White


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OBO ABS Hockey Goalkeeping Helmet

The ABS Helmet is the latest generation of OBO Helmets – designed not only to look good but to be one of the safest helmets money can buy.

Many years of extensive research and testing have gone into this piece of vital equipment. It is fully impact tested and certified to E.U. Regulations.

The transparent polycarbonate throat guard is also attached to the helmet offering additional protection without compromising ground vision.

Anatomically shaped – designed from the inside out. Keepers say it is more comfortable than any other helmet available as it’s wider through the forehead and has a rounder back plate to hold the helmet secure around the base of the head.
Increased vision. The unique design of the ABS shell and high tensile steel grill offers increased peripheral, frontal, and ground vision.
Modern sleek shape. No external straps.
Super easy sizing adjustment. A single rear strap enables adjustment.
Reliable protection – nearly as protective as the OBO FG or Carbon Helmet but 150grams lighter.
The inner foam liner features a combination of PE and UltraStop foam
Clear communication to teammates enabled by a completely re-shaped and adjustable chin cup that fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.
Perfectly integrated Polycarbonate throat guard – adjusts autonomously as the head moves resulting in free movement and constant protection.
Impact tested and certified to the latest European Standards E.U. 2016/425.





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