Makura Ignis Pro Mouthguard – Junior and Senior sizes


Two sizes (junior) for users aged 10 and under and (senior) for users aged 11 and over
Comes with protective mouthguard box

How to Mould the mouthguard IgnisPro_Mouthguard_Guide_EN

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Hockey Mouthguards – Makura Ignis Pro Mouthguard – Junior and Senior sizes

Makura mouthguards combine a super tough, shock absorbing outer layer with a Gelform liner which moulds to your mouth for a perfect fit.

Junior Up to aged 10
Senior Aged 11 to adult

The Shokbloker outer layer absorbs and diffuses both frontal and transverse impact. The softened Gelform liner creates a precise mould of your teeth for a secure fit. The Airthru channel improves breathing when the jaw is closed. The slipsafe pads are the raised areas on the underside which prevent slipping when the jaw is closed. Makura Ignis Pro moutguards are latex free and not for use with fixed braces

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