Grays AC7 Jumbow-S Composite Hockey Stick


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AC7 Jumbow-S Composite Hockey Stick
The key to making the Aerocore range a success was to test the limits and defy convention. While crucially staying within FIH regulations, we’ve done exactly that with our Prowbow-S and Dynabow-S designs and now, the new Jumbow-S profile takes this idea even further.

These sticks have undergone a fundamental rethink of a design that has been commonplace for over 30 years to ensure we maximise the extreme bow, making them the most aggressive hockey sticks on the market.

The concentration of the bow is positioned towards the playing head, working in conjuction with the player’s hand position, allowing a much later strike through the swing-arc than previously possible.

What does this mean? Serious head speed through the ball.

Innovations at the playing head also require innovations in the handle.

We’ve incorporated a unique ribbed design which increases grip and feel throughout the handle area, and reduces the harsh vibrations that an increase in power can sometimes cause.

A flat inner edge on the handle of the Jumbow-S allows the hockey player to instinctively understand the playing head position, allowing 100% focus on the ball.

Players around the world now try to master the backhand strike using the reverse edge. The Aerocore range is helping players do this by delivering the cleanest, most powerful strike Grays has achieved to date.

The new Jumbow-S design goes even further, extending the LBZ and coating it with our tough Durazone surface treatment; giving players an even greater sweet-spot and making strikes faster, harder and more accurate.

The AC7 has been precisely engineered to gain maximum performance. Using Aerocore technology the weight distribution is controlled to create a light pickup.



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