Osaka Pro Tour Limited Mid Bow Hockey Stick


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  • 98% Carbon – including 18K Silver Textreme® biaxial carbon fabric outer layer
  • 2% Kevlar Cross reinforcement

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Osaka Pro Tour Limited Mid Bow Hockey Stick

The Osaka Pro Tour Limited range uses 18K Silver Textreme® biaxial spread-tow carbon fabric. This reduces crimp, which means that spread tow fabrics can provide marginal stiffness advantages, it also results in a very unique-looking bolder carbon fiber weave pattern.

The Pro Tour LTD Mid Bow in Silver combines the sleek and technical profile of the Pro Bow with the more traditional bow shape of the previous Mid Bow. The maximum bow point lies at 300mm from the head with a maximal height of 24mm. The thicker body of the previous shape has been exchanged for a slimmer and all-around faster profile.



Hockey Stick Length




Mid Bow

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