TK 3.5 Control Bow Hockey Stick Black\Blue


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Shape: Control Bow
Technology: 3K Japanese Carbon, RLP
Composition: 10% Carbon, 85% Glassfibre, 5% Aramid
Colour: Orange, Aqua
Balance Point: 40cm ±1cm
Weight: 530g ±10g
Bow Placement: 235mm
Bow Peak: 24mm

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TK 3.5 Control Bow Hockey Stick
Prepare to ignite your journey to greatness with the extraordinary TK 3.5 – a stick that opens the door to the world of carbon magic!

Get ready to experience a touch of enchantment as you delve into the realm of carbon technology, all while maintaining the superb touch necessary for a developing player. Brace yourself for an explosive visual feast as the TK 3 Series mesmerizes with its captivating designs, grabbing attention and making a statement on the pitch. And when you combine this with our revolutionary Reactive Liquid Polymer, an extraordinary world of feel and responsiveness opens before you, making the TK 3.5 one of the most remarkable and high-value ranges available in the market. With our game-defining CONTROL BOW as your ally, you’ll unlock the perfect shape for your all-round skills, enabling you to conquer the game with finesse and precision.

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure, where power, touch, and unrivalled value collide? The TK 3.5 beckons you to seize the opportunity and unleash your potential like never before!





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