TK 3.6 Control Bow Hockey Stick – Pink Aqua


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Shape: Control Bow
Technology: RLP
Composition: 95% Glassfibre, 5% Aramid
Colour: Pink, Blue
Balance Point: 40cm ±1cm
Weight: 530g ±10g
Bow Placement: 235mm
Bow Peak: 24mm
Size 36.5″

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TK 3.6 Control Bow Hockey Stick – Pink Aqua
Get ready to unleash your true potential with the game-changing TK 3.6 – the gateway to greatness in our senior ranges!
Whether you’re a junior player taking your first steps into the world of full-size senior sticks or a seasoned senior looking for a stick that delivers on both performance and value, the TK 3.6 is your ultimate companion. Prepare to make a bold statement on the pitch as the TK 3 Series showcases eye-catching designs that will turn heads and make you the centre of attention. But we don’t stop there – brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience as our revolutionary Reactive Liquid Polymer technology takes your feel and performance to extraordinary levels. It’s not just an entry-level stick – the TK 3.6 stands tall among its competitors as one of the most advanced options available, ensuring you’re equipped with the cutting-edge technology you deserve. And with our game-defining CONTROL BOW, you’ll unlock unlimited potential as an all-rounder, honing your skills and dominating the game in style.
The TK 3.6 is your ticket to a world of unrivalled excitement, unparalleled performance, and limitless possibilities.





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