Osaka FuTURELAB Hockey Stick – Pride Edition


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Hookslot – increased dragging ball control and skills
Superior weight/stiffness ratio
Minimum weight (500g)
98% carbon, 2% Kevlar

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Osaka FuTURELAB Hockey Stick – Pride Edition

This extraordinary stick has been collaboratively designed by our talented athletes and esteemed LGBTQI+ ambassadors, Anne Veenendaal (Oranje Hockey, NL), Abi Raye (Red Panthers, BE) and endorsed by Simon Gougnard (Bel Lions, BE).

Introducing the FutureLab, our most advanced and lightweight creation to date. This remarkable stick embodies the essence of the future, tailored for those who possess an innate desire to stand out and excel.

We are not just focused on innovation, but also on making a meaningful impact. Our commitment, 15% of the proceeds from each sale of the FUTURELAB : PRIDE EDITION 23 will be dedicated to organizing events in partnership with OUT FOR THE WIN, a non-profit organization devoted to fostering a more accessible and secure sports environment for the LGBTQI+ community.





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